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(April 5), Henry Tipaghne of human rights advocacy NGO People’s Watch produced the victims and their family members in front of the press in Madurai. The team presented the case of a 17-year-old who was also allegedly tortured.

“I was asked to hold on to the grills of a police station window and beaten on the thighs by a uniformed man, who I later came to know was ASP Balveer Singh. It didn’t end there. A big lathi was used to beat me on almost all parts of the body. He then took a stone and hit me on my mouth with it. I was bleeding profusely as the stone ripped off my lips,” the minor told media persons.

The boy recounted watching Singh assault men sexually, wearing gloves. “I was frightened,” he said. (The Federal is not revealing the victim’s name in accordance with the Juvenile Justice Act.)

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