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Rights organizations here filed a chargesheet against the BJP-led Union government for allegedly subverting parliamentary democracy guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

Human rights defenders from various parts of the country joined in a virtual press meet to level these charges.

The charges against the government of India include not electing Deputy Speaker in Lok Sabha in violation of Article 93 of the Constitution. Lowest number of sittings in a full-term Lok Sabha, controlling Parliament as per its whims, reducing opportunities for holding government accountability, bringing more and more ordinances bypassing parliamentary scrutiny, re-promulgating ordinances committing fraud on the Constitution, bringing Bills as a surprise, passing Bills without discussion, in absence of Opposition MPs in House, in an undemocratic manner and lack of transparency in law-making process, not doing proper public consultations, violating pre-legislative consultative policy and not sending Bills to standing committees were some of the charges.

The forum also accused the government of passing budgets without adequate scrutiny, including problematic provisions like the electoral bonds in Finance Bill, suspending an unprecedented number of opposition MPs in winter session 2023, a virtually opposition-less Parliament passed controversial Bills and the government is uncomfortable with questions, questions asked by Opposition MPs get deleted and ministries provide evasive responses to questions.

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