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Two Tamil Nadu Labourers killed in the custody of Andhra Pradesh forest officials. The joint conspiracy of Andhra Pradesh forest officials and police distract the case. Why is the Tamil Nadu Government keeping silent?

The findings and recommendations of the fact-finding team given below:


1. More or less than 50 persons belonging to the Scheduled Tribal- Malayalee community from various villages of Sitheri Panchayat, Harur Taluk, Dharmapuri District travelled to Andhra Pradesh on 21.11.2021 individually and in groups, at different times for wage work, and it is known through the statements of victims and their family members. The Fact-Finding team of People’s Watch visited the houses of the victims and met their wives, who informed them that their husbands had gone to Coimbatore for construction work. A few said they did not know which city they went to. So, it is clear from their statements that the victims went to Andhra Pradesh without the knowledge of their family members.


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