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“The crime took place with total connivance of officers at all levels, not just the police but also IAS officers. Even the hospital and the judiciary, which remanded them, and the remand advocate of the legal services authority are responsible. Various institutions have silently conspired together and a false narrative has been created to protect an IPS officer. Why is the SP hiding every incident that happened from March 10 to March 25,” asks human rights activist Henri Tiphagne.

The government ordered an enquiry against IPS Singh, who has been placed under suspension, under Section 151 of Police Standing Orders (PSO). While there are three cases—one in Ambasamudram police station on March 10, the second in Vikramasingapuram police station, and the third in Kallidaikurichi police station on March 23—the enquiry under Section 151 of PSO has been ordered in only one case. Incidentally, the PSO was framed in the 1970s much before the Protection of Human Rights Act came into force.

Meanwhile, the sub-collector, who is one of the enquiry officers in the case, looked into the CCTV footage from the police stations only on Tuesday, at least 10 days after the issue came to light.

Tiphange said even when there is a clear case of custodial torture by Balveer Singh from March 10 to March 25, no FIR has been registered yet. “The assembly is in session. At this time, the district committee could have at least recommended registering a FIR. The system is trying to protect an officer who tortured and caused grievous injuries,” Tiphagne pointed out.

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