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The public are entitled to get CCTV footages of a police station as per the law, according to People’s Watch executive director Henri Tipagne. Speaking to reporters here, he said the footages should be preserved by authorities and a notification displayed in Tamil in every police station. On the suspended IPS officer Balveer Singh’s alleged actions in Ambasamudram, Mr. Henri said the Collector, SP and the Judicial Magistrate had failed in their duties and responsibilities.

Citing the 2013 Police Reforms Act, he said the Collector, as the chairman of the District Police Complaint Authority, should have conducted the investigation against the IPS officer instead of delegating/designating a Sub-Collector. “People’s Watch is moving the apex court shortly.” The Collector was also the chairman of the District Oversight Committee and should have ensured the installation and proper functioning of audio-video and night vision CCTV cameras in police stations under his jurisdiction as laid out by the Supreme Court.

Whenever any CCTV camera was defunct, the SHOs should inform the Collector in the monthly reports through the Superintendent of Police. In the absence of CCTV cameras, the SHOs should explain the inquiry conducted in the stations. People’s Watch, which had requested a copy of the CCTV footages of Ambasamudram police station, was yet to receive them.. “We have a strong suspicion that there may be foul play. If the cameras were defunct, did the Inspector of Police submit any mandatory report to the Collector,” he asked and demanded a response from the higher authorities.

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