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The UPR IV Tamil Nadu State Consultation on Organised Sector was conducted on the 3rd of February 2022. Dr. Virgil D'Samy the Convenor of Forum for Promotion of Child Participation (FPCP) moderated the session and the keynote speaker who addressed the theme for 20 minutes was Ms. R.Geetha, Advisor of Unorganiser Workers' Federation.  

Unorganised Sector employes 93 % of the workforce in the country of whom 40 % are women and children Construction, agriculture, handlooms and power looms, fisheries, loading and unloading, auto and rickshaws, domestic work, potteries and home based occupations leather and tailoring, Street vending, services such as hairdressers and washer men are the important sectors employing large number of workers. In this context, we find it extremely important to have a seperate section on Unorganised Sector in the UPR IV Tamil Nadu State report.

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