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Working Group on Human Rights in India and the UN (WGHR) has been responsible for organising consultations on UPR II and III in India. The Republic of India will be going for the UPR fourth cycle in November 2022 and the deadline for the stakeholders’ report submission is March 31, 2022. Though the initial proposal by WGHR was to conduct a regional consultation clubbing the south and west zone, after many informal meetings and discussions throughout the month of December with many colleagues who have been working on UPR for years, the decision was made to conduct consultations language wise in the south.

However, after the preparatory meeting in January 2022 with around 67 human rights defenders from the six states of south zone, the decision was unanimously taken to conduct state wise consultations in the south instead of language wise, but all the consultations in the vernacular languages. Thus, conveners were also selected in each state to carry out the consultation without any hurdles, who could also lead on what UPR is in their respective states.

Thus, the six state consultations have come to end by the mid of February and it is great pleasure we state that all the states would be coming up with their state reports which will be submitted to WGHR for them to skull out the appropriate portions from each of the six state reports to incorporate them to the WGHR national report which will be submitted as a joint stakeholders’ report at the OHCHR before 31st March, 2022.

The Tamil Nadu state consultation took place from 1st - 8th February, 2022 and 19 themes were covered during the consultation. The conveners are in the stage of compiling the separate reports to a joint stakeholders’ report from Tamil Nadu. For the sake of compiling the Tamil Nadu report with maximum references and to cite all the sources, we have decided to upload all the information that we are receiving in the form of facts, figures and reports that the grass root activists and various organizations have prepared as a result of their field research and various other engagements.

We thank the activists and organizations who shared the data and reports with us to draft our final Tamil Nadu state report without compromising on the quality and format for the UPR submission.

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