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Santosh, Anaikaripatti

Context of Torture                                                               

The Victim was a 3rd year polytechnic student, the victim’s elder brother fell in love with a women who is one of families relatives. The couple had married despite objections of women’s family and they have been staying away from the village. In this regard women’s family members gave a complaint before the Saptur Police Station. Following receipt of the said complaint the police officials, namely, Sub-Inspector Jeyakannan constable Puthiaraja and others enquired the victim and his family, the police tortured them on each occasion. The Police used to call them to the police station in the name of enquiry and harass.

On 16.09.2020 at about 6 P.M. the Sub-Inspector of Police Jeyakannan and Police constable Puthiaraja and other two policemen came to victim’s house. The Sub- Inspector Jeyakannan hit victims’ brother on his hip and enquired about the whereabouts of victim’s elder brother. The police forcefully took the mobile phone and bike from victim’s brother.

Later on that night the said sub Inspector of Police Jeyakannan along with Constable Puthiaraja came to victim’s home on their bike when they found victim was at home they beat him brutally with lathi in front of his mother. Sub-Inspector Jeyakannan had fiercely pushed victim’s mother aside she fell on the ground and then took custody of victim.

On 17.09.2020 at about 6.30 A.M the victim was found hanging a day later with nylon ropes which are used by the police for traffic management.

Type of Torture

The Victim was beaten with Lathis by the police at his residence in front of his family. Victim’s brother was beaten on his stomach and hip using lathi, his mobile phone and bike was taken by the police.


Sub-Inspector of Police Jeyakannan and Police Constable Puthiaraja.

Physical and Psychological Effects

The police tried to cover up the torture by conducting the post-mortem without the forensic doctor and in violation of government guidelines without following due process.

In the pretext of enquiry they victim’s family was compelled to sign few papers, which they later came to know that those are post mortem has been completed and the body was taken for cremation.

Description of assistance to be provided

Legal Assistance – We have appealed to the National Human Rights Commission, filled a Writ Petition before Madurai Bench of Madras High Court[i] seeking re-postmortem of a torture victim, by a team of three senior professors from forensic departments under full video coverage. 


[i] W.P (MD) No. 12606 of 2020 and W.M.P (MD) Nos. 12224 and 12225 of 2020

Full Report Order of Judgement

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