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Physically challenged was tortured by Sendamangalam police which lead to his death in custody

Context of Torture                                                               

  • On 08.01.2022, the Sendamangalam police went to the house of the Victim in Karuppur in Salem district to bring him for questioning. The police have abused vicitm in his house for his physical deformities. They also threatened his wife by abusing her. The house of the vicitm was vandalised by police. Then Victim, his wife and his brother were forcibly abducted in a police vehicle. They were brought to Sendamangalam Police Station at about 5.30 am. Then they were illegally confined in a separate room in the police quarters from 08.01.2022 to 11.01.2022 and subjected to various tortures.
  • Sendamangalam police took victim to the Namakkal Medical College Hospital for a medical examination,  the doctors who examined him issued a medical fitness certificate without conducting a proper test. On 11.01.2022 at  about 07.30 am, Prabhakaran  received the fitness certificate at the Government Medical College Hospital.
  • Then Vicitm and his wife was produced before the Namakkal Magistrate Court and the court remanded them to judicial custody in Namakkal Sub-Jail.

Type of Torture

The Disabled victim was beaten with a plastic pipe on his hands and legs, he was stomped on his chest, thighs and private parts. The Victims wife was also threatened and beaten by the police. The victim’s wife was hit on her foot, due to which her toenails came off and started to bleed.

Prabhakara, Poongodi (Inspector of Police), Chandran (Sub-Inspector of Police) & Kulandai Velu (Head Constable)

Physical and Psychological Effects

  • The Police broke the door of the house, picked up the victim and threw him into the police vehicle; they also threatened the victim's family.
  • The victim had a bleeding nose and a wound on the knee. he was remanded on the basis of a fitness certificate issued without conducting a proper medical examination.
  • On 12.01.2022, he was admitted in Namakkal Government hospital and then to Salem Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital where he died.
  • The Post mortem was conducted without the consent of the family members while his wife was detained in judicial custody.

Description of assistance to be provided

  • Fact Finding by People’s Watch and JAACT and Preliminary Field Inspector Report.
  • Representation was sent to the National Human Rights Commission. 
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