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A program unit of Centre
for Promotion of Social Concerns

Our Work


Human Rights Monitoring

The monitoring unit is considered the backbone of People’s Watch. The unit conducts fact findings to study the magnitude of human rights violation in several cases. Reports filed by the unit are then sent to the legal intervention team with recommendations in the case. Other desks also conduct fact findings based on daily news reports.

Legal Intervention

People’s Watch facilitates free legal intervention in cases that it identifies through monitoring. Once the monitoring unit submits its report, the legal intervention team scrutinises the entire report for any relevant action to be initiated. 

Appropriate complaints are prepared and submitted to pertinent human rights commissions at district, state and national level based on these reports. A copy of the complaint is also sent to international bodies using the human rights mechanisms in certain cases. This unit is engaged in consistent follow ups and filing of Right To Information applications to bring momentum to the case.


People’s Watch has a 24/7 phone line where survivors of human rights violations can contact the organisation. People’s Watch also accepts complaints via post or in person. The Helpline is the first entry point for all people to reach out to the organisation. Helpline supports survivors of;

  • Domestic Violence
  • Torture
  • Child Labour
  • Harassment
  • Caste Discrimination

The objective of the centre is to empower the survivors of human rights violations. People’s watch, working under a strict confidentiality policy, is committed to supporting survivors and families of victims regain a life of dignity by providing safe housing, health facilities and educational services. 

Sudhanthra - A Rehabilitation Unit For Victims Of Domestic Violence and Torture  

The rehabilitation centre for victims of domestic violence and torture was started in 1995. Education plays an important role in healing the trauma. Children lose their childhood along with their right to education when they are unable to attend schools. The centre rehabilitates and educates the survivors by equipping them with necessary academic skills, qualifications and also provides educational assistance. Today, Sudhanthra has the privileged of being a part of more than 580 students’ lives. These students have gone on to succeed in a number of fields, graduating with degrees in law, teaching, social work and nursing.

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