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An open letter to the new government in Tamil Nadu even as it completes 30 days of its newly-won tenure and appeal to the impatient Opposition AIADMK and BJP.


Democratic tradition and norms demand that a newly elect government's performance can be adjudged and critically commented upon, only after 100 days of its performance. But to our dismay, the opposition AIADMK and the BJP have started making disparaging statements on the performance of the government within just a month of its taking over reins. This is clearly not in the realm of cultured and mature political behaviour. There is no political morality or ethics in making allegations against a new government that has just taken off and has not even completed 30 days. Now is the time for the opposition parties to play a pro-active role by offering suggestions and advice. But playing such hate-politics even when the new Government is combating this second phase of the pandemic displays a lack of political maturity. The opposition needs to realize that they are being vigilantly watched by the people of the state. 


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