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His fellow activists, SP Udayakumaran and Henri Tiphange speak about their friend, his disappearance and the theories that surround it.

RS Mugilan apparently never travelled even in the second class compartments of a train. In a conversation with Henri Tiphagne, one of TN's most popular human rights lawyers and an activist himself, Mugilan had once said that he always prefered to sit in the unreserved compartment. He believed that if anyone were to ever attack him, it would be the people in the unreserved compartments that would protect him. 

We spoke to two of his very good friends and colleagues in the world of activism — SP Udayakumaran, convenor of the People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy and Henri Tiphagne, executive director at People's Watch. The two met Mugilan around the same time, in the early years of this decade, on the ground that holds the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant — Idinthakarai. 


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