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When J Persis was offered a government job in July, she could not bring herself to work in the town she grew up in. The job was that of a junior assistant in the revenue department….

….  NHRC has a record of ordering compensation over the last 25 years without a single case of recommendation for prosecution,” said Henri Tiphagne, executive director of the People’s Watch, a human rights organisation based in Madurai.


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Though the voluntary community policing initiative has denied any involvement in the custodial torture of Jayaraj and Bennix, activists have sought its ban.

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A woman head constable’s decision last week to appear as witness in the case of Jayaraj and Bennix’s death due to alleged custodial violence is being hailed as an act.......

............accused police personnel for murder,’’ said Henry Tiphagne,  founder and executive director of Madurai-based human rights organisation People’s Watch.

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Despite the Kovilpatti sub-jail records showing that trader Jayaraj, 58, and his son Benicks, 31, had bleeding injuries on their gluteal region when produced by.....

Henri Tiphagne of People’s Watch endorsed it. “There is information that a doctor was called in by the jail officials on June 21. But we have to check if it is....

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Custodial Torture and Deaths: A Discussion On Sattankulam Issue | Advocate Henri P Tiphagne | MCCSWD - Advocate Henri Patrick Tiphagne, one of the founders and Executive Director of People's Watch, joins us in an important discussion on custodial torture and deaths, a week after the Sattankulam custodial killings in Tamil Nadu. Conducted by the Department of Social Work (Aided), Madras Christian College.

சாத்தான்குளம் காவல் நிலையத்தில் நடந்த சம்பவம் தேசிய அளவில் விவாதமாகியிருக்கும் நிலையில், காவல்துறையினரின் அத்து....

மதுரையிலிருந்து செயல்படும் மனித உரிமை அமைப்பான மக்கள் கண்காணிப்பகத்தின் ஹென்றி திஃபேன். பேட்டியிலிருந்து.....

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சாத்தான்குளம் சம்பவம் தொடர்பாக மதுரையில் இன்று செய்தியாளர்களிடம் பேசிய மனித உரிமை அமைப்பான  மக்கள் கண்காணிப்பகத்தின் இயக்குநர் ஹென்றி திபேன், சிபிசிஐடி போலீசார்,  கொலை வழக்கு பதிவு செய்திருப்பதற்கு வரவேற்பு...

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It has been told in media reports that both the father and son were tortured very badly in police custody which led to their death. The details of this whole incident are very terrible and after knowing this, people all over the country are expressing their anger on this incident on social media.

Advocate Karunanidhi, People's Watch

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami announced on Sunday, that the State government would transfer the Jayaraj-Bennix custodial death case to the.....

......Even the Police firings which killed 13 people in May 2018 during the protests were covered up.” Founder of People’s Watch, Henri Tiphagne told WION. 

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