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People’s Watch demands the Raj Bhavan to release the Santhanam Panel report

People’s Watch expresses deep anguish at the total silence of the office of his excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu subsequent to the report of the panel headed by Mr. Santhanam IAS retd. submitted on 15th May 2018 after enquiring into the affairs of Nirmala Devi and others. People’s Watch recalls that after a whatsapp message went viral on 15.4.2018 Prof. Nirmala Devi was arrested on 16.4.2018 followed by Prof. Murugan on 23.4.2018 and research scholar Karuppusamy on 25.4.2018. A panel of enquiry headed by Mr. Santhanam IAS retd. and two other women officers was appointed on 19th April 2018 and they submitted their report to the Governor of Tamil Nadu on 15th May 2018. However, the report was directed to be kept confidential since the charge sheet in said case had not yet been filed. Thereafter, an interim charge sheet running to over 1160 pages was filed on 13th July 2018 and followed by the final charge sheet on 7th September.

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