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People’s Watch vehemently condemns the action of Tamil Nadu Police arresting Tibetan students and activists in Chennai and Viluppuram ahead of the visit of Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping to Mamallapuram.

We would like to strongly state that the Tibetans in India have believed in non-violence and have been strongly adhering to the same in this country. Tibetans are dignified and honorable guests of this nation who also believe in non-violence as preached by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi himself. Our guests also have their Government in exile located at Dharamsala now for decades. Tibetans are never known to have used violence at any time in any of their protests and are only known to have engaged in creative means of protests to get their demands for a ‘Free Tibet ‘known to the entire globe, especially during previous visits of Chinese dignitaries. Hence, by hounding such followers of non-violence like criminals on our terrain is nothing but a great insult to the peace-loving ideology and the right to self - determination they believe in.

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