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A program unit of Centre
for Promotion of Social Concerns


Sudhanthra; an initiative for women in distress was started in August 1995 with the objective to provide counseling, legal support and short-term shelter for women in distress. This initiative later joined hands with People’s Watch in its work for human rights. In the year 2000, as a result of the realization at People’s Watch that the victims need multi-dimensional support in sustaining their physical as well as their mental strength in their pursuit of justice, Sudhanthra started a rehabilitation centre for victims of torture, domestic violence and other forms of human rights violations. 

Accompanying the survivors of human rights violations until they achieve a reasonable level of functionaity has been the main focus behind the establishment of rehabilitation centers in Mettur and Madurai. The centres offer legal support, nutritional food, vocational training, counseling, basic healthcare assistance and psychiatry help. 

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