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A program unit of Centre
for Promotion of Social Concerns


Human rights monitoring and reporting unit is the core of all the human rights work done at People’s Watch. The unit has set the benchmark in the field of professional monitoring through the use of scientific fact finding missions and in depth inquiries into incidents of human rights violations. A Regional Human Rights Coordinator (RHRC) is placed in each of Tamil Nadu’s ten regions. They function as People’s Watch’s local advocacy officers, conducting fact-finding missions into cases of police torture, encounter death, custodial killings, caste conflicts and atrocities, violence against women and children, corporal punishment and violence against minorities. The RHRCs also reach out to trained human rights activists from the Citizens for Human Rights Movement to conduct fact finding missions. The fact finding mission reports filed by the RHRC form the basis for all subsequent action to bring the survivors and victims due remedy and justice. The monitoring unit also conducts training programs to provide human rights defenders with monitoring skills. 

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