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His fellow activists, SP Udayakumaran and Henri Tiphange speak about their friend, his disappearance and the theories that surround it.

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During the call Mugilan reportedly told Sridhar about threats he had received from police and Sterlite officials.

WhereIsMugilan? This has been the question on the minds of activists, family, friends and scores of people over the past month. On Friday, Twitter was flooded with questions from people questioning the government and police on the mysterious disappearance of the activist who was last seen in Chennai on February 15.


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We are writing to express our grave concern over the missing of environmental rights defender Mr. Mugilan from Chennai after he addressed a press conference where he alleged the role of police officials in Thoothukudi police firing.

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He is said to have gone missing after a press meet on the Thoothukudi firing
Human Rights Defenders Alert - India (HRDA), an organisation that works to defend human rights activists facing threats, has appealed to the Chennai Police Commissioner to take immediate steps to trace environmental activist R.S. Mugilan, who is said to have been missing since Friday.

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Rights outfits hold protest to trace Mugilan 

A large number of people from human rights organizations and various political parties took part in a protest in Madurai on Thursday organized to urge the state government and the police department to find the whereabouts of social activist Mugilan.

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‘Why are the police asking irrelevant questions?’: Disquiet grows over missing Sterlite activist

RS Mugilan disappeared last month after publicly accusing top police officials of colluding with Sterlite to ‘orchestrate violence’ during the Thoothukudi stir.

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Expressing its concern over the arrest and detention of May 17 Movement coordinator Thirumurugan Gandhi and 3 others by the state government last year, the UN Working Group (UNWG) on Arbitrary Detention has held that there was no ‘legal basis justifying the deprivation of liberty’ of the quartet.


Significantly, India did not respond to the communications from the UNWG, which rendered its opinion in November 2017 and the report of the same was recently made public. 

"மனித உரிமைகளைப் பறிக்கிறது இந்தியாவின் குண்டர் சட்டம்!" திருமுருகன் காந்தி விவகாரத்தில் ஐ.நா. அறிக்கை

இலங்கையில் நடைபெற்ற இனப்படுகொலையின்போது உயிரிழந்த ஈழத் தமிழர்களுக்காக, சென்னை மெரினாவில் கடந்த வருடம், மே 17 இயக்கத்தின் சார்பில் நினைவேந்தல் நடத்தப்பட்டபோது, அந்த இயக்கத்தின் ஒருங்கிணைப்பாளர் திருமுருகன் காந்தி, அருண்குமார், டைசன், இளமாறன் ஆகியோர் காவல்துறையினரால் கைதுசெய்யப்பட்டனர். பின்னர் அவர்கள் மூவரும் குண்டர் தடுப்புச் சட்டத்தின்கீழ் சிறையில் அடைக்கப்பட்டனர்.

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