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Many of the victims of police firing during the anti-Sterlite protests in Thoothukudi last May have not been adequately compensated, People’s Watch, a human rights organisation, has said.

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Human rights activists, who voiced their support for families of victims of those killed and injured during the anti-Sterlite rally in Thoothukudi on May 22 last year, have been humiliated by the district administration and Police, Henri Tiphagne, executive director of ‘People’s Watch’, a Madurai based human rights organisation, said.

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People’s Watch, a human rights organisation, in its new report, “A Year After Thoothukudi Burned”, has said it is "surprised" by the silence of the National Human Rights Commission, the CBI and the Justice Aruna Jagadeesan Commission of inquiry over the police firing on peaceful protestors in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, "brutally" killing 11.

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ஸ்டெர்லைட் துப்பாக்கிச் சூடு சம்பவம் தேசிய மனித உரிமை ஆணையம் மீண்டும் விசாரிக்க கோரிக்கை

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Report Released: A Year After Thoothukudi Burned (English)

தூத்துக்குடி நீறுபூத்த ஓராண்டு (தமிழ்) 



Lethargy in CBI Inquiry

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