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Fact Findings

23 Jan 2017 'Public Inquest' into cases of human rights violations by the Tamil Nadu police during and after pro-Jallikattu protest Fact Finding Interim Report

This report contains details gathered by a ‘high-level’ fact-finding team on the pro- Jallikattu protests and the violence unleashed by the police against the protesters and bystanders. We, at People’s Watch, launched a high-level public inquest into allegations by several...

5 Jan 2017 Illegal Detention and Torture Of 14 Kurava Community Members For 63 Days In Kanyakumari Fact Finding People's Watch

Fourteen members of the nomadic Kurava community from Mottamalai, near Thirumangalam near Madurai went to Mandaikadu in Kanyakumari District to find jobs. There were five men, four women and five children. Once they reached Mandaikadu, the group sought permission from...

7 May 2015 Chittoor Encounter Killings - Fact Finding Report Fact Finding

Andhra Pradesh Police Abducted, Tortured and Killed 20 Poor Tamil Labourers A case of 20 abductions, torture, extra judicial killing and causing disappearance of evidence of offence by AP Red Sanders Anti-Smuggling STF & Police and forest department

#EncounterKilling, #ExtraJudicialKilling, #APEncounter, #20Tamilians

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